I am redoing a bath over a 3 ft. crawl space, to make handicap shower, with full-floor shower pan. Wanted to extend old cleanout at bottom of toilet-stack/vent. Asked plumber via a scaled drawing to slope up drain extension at 22-1/2 degree angle starting at "dirt" level, picking up the new shower drain and vent connections on the way, going through my last reinforced joist at the outside wall, and adding the cleanout in outside wall just above foundation. My design for the main line extension had a 45-degree total changes in direction. Instead he used 2 90-degree bends just inside foundation, to go up from gently sloped 3-inch line about 12 inches up from the dirt, and then out for the cleanout. These 90-degree (or quarter-bends) are not tightest radius, but neither are they long-sweep.

Does his solution pass code in California? Do plumbers treat customer sketches or drawings this casually often, or is this an exception?