I have a Carrier 58PAV090-14 gas furnace/electric heat pump. I have two issues I deal with constantly... One is that when the temperature is ~32F for a extended length of time (32F is the temperature border between electric heat pump/vs gas furnace), the heat pump freezes up... It's not the end of the world, but it's a slight inconvenience. Any ideas on preventing this? Change the border temperature?

The next issue is also a inconvenience, but is more critical in that it affects the operation of the gas furnace. For some reason, all four burners often (it's inconsistent) don't ignite unless I intervene. The process of starting looks good until ignition... The first burner easily ignites because of the igniter, second burner also ignites... But the third usually doesn't--the flame just doesn't cross the gap. If I blow the flame from burner 2 to 3 works fine--easily ignites the fourth burner which heats the sensor for normal operation. I haven't done much but stare at it--I have no idea what the problem is... Mechanical defect in the burner aparatus? It doesn't appear to be a draft problem or gas pressure problem (once all are ignited all four flames look the same). What gives?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.