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Thread: Radiators to baseboard on monoflo system

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    Default Radiators to baseboard on monoflo system

    This week I had 2 jobs that were basically the same. One had a good outcome the other not so good.
    Customer 1 had 2 cast iron radiators in 2 separate rms. that he wanted taken out and replaced with baseboard heat. I explained to him that it wasn't always a good thing to mix and match when he had c.i radiators in the rest of the house. I switched them out and installed 2 8' slant fin in each rm. and to my surprise they worked just fine.
    Customer #2 owned a laundry and wanted to shorten a length of baseboard by about 6ft. This was also a monoflo system which had radiators in the back and baseboard in the front of the laundry. After shortening the baseboard, putting the boiler back on line bleeding the system, the baseboard would not stay hot, it worked fine before I shortned it. It would bleed hot but eventually go back to cold. Now the radiators are fine, but the baseboard cold. The main 11/4" line is piping hot yet the water seems to flow right by the mono flow t's for the baseboard, I got all the air out of the lines but still cold.
    I thought about maybe taking out the monoflo t supply and returns to the baseboard and 90 right up into the baseboard(essentially making it part of the main) and continuing on. Whadda think?
    Any help would be welcome.

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    you could do that but I am not sure it would make the situation anybetter. I would still look at air in the system there has to be a reason that T stopped working. maybe a chunk of something is stuck there



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