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Thread: No Pressure Water Starts and Stops Need Help

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    Default No Pressure Water Starts and Stops Need Help

    I really need help. I bought this home 3 years ago. This home shares a well with another home. I don't know anything about wells. I need help to know where to start looking for the problem. Our well is about 100 yards from our house. We have a submerged pump. The water is pumped uphill to our house straight from the pump. The water on the farthest end of the house starts and stops constantly. It does seem to help a little if I turn on the cold water first. We don't have a reservation tank. I know I don't have half these words right. I really need to learn the basics of well pumps and air pressure to figure this out. My large bath tub is the main problem and I miss it dearly. The shower in the same bathroom works fine but the water to the tub starts and stops continuously. It takes about an hour for the tub to fill half full. I also have problems with the water to my washer it takes about 2 hours to do a full cycle. I don't know what kind of well or the water level. I don't know what kind of pump it is. I just really need major help. Is this something I can help my husband fix or do I need to hire a professional?

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    You need to find out where the holding tank is because that is more than likely your problem. Either the inlet of the tank is clogged or its waterlogged. If you dont have a holding tank, one needs to be installed with a pressure switch and relief valve mounted in front of it. I have only come across one system without a holding tank and for some odd reason the pump lasted 3 years.


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    Question for you, how about the other house does it have the same problem?
    If they don't have the same problem repost and let us know,secondly if they don't have the problem do they have a pressure tank?
    Do you have a pressure tank?

    [QUOTE][The shower in the same bathroom works fine /QUOTE]
    So the shower never has a problem?


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