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    I've noticed in a couple of new houses being built that the plumbers don't drain the lavatory through the bottom plate. Instead they add a couple of 45's and bring it out into the living space. Is there a benefit to this???
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    I have no idea why they do it exactly that way. If it's on an outside wall, you cannot drill a full-sized hole through the plate because of the rim joist beneath it.

    Doing it this way uses more fittings than necessary, it seems to me. The method i was taught is to first drill a hole in the plate, then use a sawzall to cut the face of the plate out. That leaves enough room to drop a piece of pipe with a 45 on it into the floor, and the hole in the plate is covered with a steel plate.

    By using my method, there two forty-fives necessary to go horizontally toward a main or to go around the edge of the concrete foundation. By the method shown in your picture, you've already got two forty-fives, you'll need yet another 90 degrees of turn to go horizontal, and from what I guess, on an outside wall you still aren't clearing the concrete foundation so you'd need yet another vertical offset to go around that.

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    to bad your plumber didn't install a c/o above that tee and then when you move in and have a stoppage, it won't be a problem to clean that drain.

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    One more note on that picture - I live in a place where it can go below zero, sometimes for weeks. I would never put water lines in an exterior wall if I could help it. I'm sure it's not a problem in warmer climates.

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    I would say they did it because it was easier that way. They made more work for the drywallers and cabinet men, but it was easier for them. It would take more fire caulk to seal it around the drywall, if I were the drywaller I would cut a big hole for the plumber to deal with. Fire caulk is expensive stuff and the inspectors love it. Does the other pipe go to another sink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Construct30
    I would say they did it because it was easier that way.
    I guess that's what you get for the lowest bid. At least it looks neat.


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