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Thread: Toilet Fit unifit

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    Default Toilet Fit unifit

    On my new house, my plumber roughed in one toilet flange too close to the SIDE of the room. The center of the flange is 14.5" from the side (its 12.5 from the back). I don't like the offset flanges because they look like they might obstruct the flow. Would the Toto Unifit allow the toilet to be installed an inch or two off set to the side ???

    Thanks, Jeff

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    While you can live with the extra room behind the toilet, the inspector may not allow the installation of the toilet without the required minimum 15" side-to-side. The Uni-fit adapter probably wouldn't allow that much slop. You might get some of that, but not all (I don't think). I've only dealt with a couple in my own home, so I'm not sure.

    Were the walls up when the plumber installed the flange? If so, he should move it as it isn't code compliant (IMHO). If you installed the walls after, then it's your problem.

    My personal take on offset flanges is avoid them.
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    The only toilet I know of that allows offset some to the side, is the Caroma 270 bowls.
    With the Caroma, you can offset sideways.

    And I only learned that last week.

    Are you sure your inspector won't let 1/2" slide?
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    Thanks for the help. There is no building codes or inspector because we are in the country. Its sometimes difficult to get things done correctly. I thought even 15" would be tight.


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    Default spacing

    As far as I know the UniFit adapter allows front to back movement, not sideways. The right offset flange does not create any drainage problems, although there has to be enough vertical pipe to give the necessary space.


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