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Thread: bredfod -white defender problem

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    Default bredfod -white defender problem

    Hello, Two years ago I installed a Bredford-White Defender 48 gallon water heater in my residental house (nat. gas). The water heater itself was working perfectly but I saw a coming problem. The water heater ,cold water inlett pipe (The short treaded pipe sticking out from the top of the water heater) is rusting away. There is no leak and (never was) at the connection to the copper cold water supply pipe There is always thick deposit forming on this short treaded pipe therefore it is unusable to make a new connection The treads are gone already. The hot water side pipe is like new. Thanks for your help. Alex 44

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    What metal is the pipe that is corroded?

    You don't get rust without water/moisture.

    How do you know ther threads are totaly gone?

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    Default bredford white defender problem

    The treaded pipe wich is part of the water heater is corroded. There are two short steel or iron pipes on the top of the water heater the one in question is on the right side where the cold water enters. I can not see or feel any water present. Whenn I cleaned the corrosion some of the read came of with the deposits. The connecting copper pipe has green stuff on it

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    Most of the heaters come with a heat trap. Those should last and act as the connector to the WH. Condensation could aid the corrosion on the cold inlet. The warmer side wouldn't be subject to that. Not sure of the course of action, hopefully one of the pros will have some thoughts. You might want to try calling Bradford-White or checking their website for FAQ's section.
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