Hello. I am the proverbial new guy with tons of questions to annoy one and all. Might as well get that out there. I posted these questions on another forum that I frequent, and it has yet to be addressed, and I saved this site a couple of days ago looking for pix and diagrams. After a few hours of reading posts on here, and seeing the rather elaborate "sketchups," I'm sort of embarrassed of the one I took all day to finish, but oh well. I'll cheat here, and paste my basic question:

I started a project awhile back, which never really got started. A friend of mine was giving me some basics on plumbing, and when the services were offered, I ended up working crazy hours, and lost interest. I am now ready to tackle it again while the weather is bad, as well as work. Problem...friend is now fully engulfed in a new baby and all of the holiday joys :crazy: that go with it. I, however, am looking for excuses to not be into the holidays, which brings me here...
I made a rudimentary drawing of where I am at...in theory. The room is still bare with the exception of a scaffold for some spackling. From my previous notes, I placed where the drains and vents are supposed to go...I think. I did a lot of net searching, and DL'd a bunch of drawings and pictures, and venting doesn't seem to be that hard. If I thought that, I would have put the pipes in already. I would like to know if I am off base with the venting and/or drainage (not complete in the picture) that I have so far. I have seen diagrams that don't show as many vents going up (to crawlspace..to stack). As of now, I have three up to one stack (proposed)
Here is what I have in mind...I am no artist.

I think the vent pipe for the tub has to be within 6' of the tub trap? And the shower, although by code should be vented, it wouldn't need to be due to the proximity of the drain.
Any advice would be appreciated.
thank you

Here's my new edit. I already have the pipe, so sizing isn't in question, just the amount of vents that will penetrate the top plate (as of now I am planning 3 that will tie into the main stack in the crawlspace) and the distance from trap to vent..I think that is the other main issue in these type of questions. I have seen 5', 8' , and other measurements, so I'm a bit confused on that as well.
I actually have to laugh at my drawing after seeing all those really nice ones with the actual picture of pipes, and the colors. Mine is the low-brow version.
I guess I should add that for the sink drain, I will probably go towards the other half of the house (side that sink is shown) as that is where the drain to the sewer is. The "Drain in basement" will go under concrete to that drain. And after seeing that most of the drawings on here show venting for all of the fixtures, I guess I could go up the outside wall for the shower.

I appreciate anyone steering me in the right direction. I practically rebuilt this entire house, and would hate to get hung up on the plumbing. So far, plumbing, concrete, and block, are the only things that I have stayed away from. If I could just weld those pipes in there then I would be set.
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I usually stick around awhile.