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Thread: Promenade, Drake or Kohler Memoirs??

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    Cool Promenade, Drake or Kohler Memoirs??

    Trying to decide between style, Toto Promenade and the Drake. If we were to go with the Promendade, then we would also have to consider the Kohler Memoirs (one piece) because that would match the sink we are using. We're have a tough time with the choice - Anyone choose to rate the 3 toilets on a scale of 1 to 10? Or other suggestions, differences, problems or successes.

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    For performance
    1- Drake 900 grams, Dartmouth, Clayton 675 grams
    2- Promanade is 550 grams
    3- Memoirs RF, 125 grams

    Bowl depth is better on the Memoirs and on the Toto Drake, Dartmouth and Clayton.

    I've had good success with the G-Max and Powergravity Toto products.
    Another one to mention would be the Toto Dalton, good performance and good bowl.
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