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    We just had tile installed and the flange is about 3/8" below the tile. I purchased one of those extra-thick wax rings with the rubber ring inside the wax. When I placed the wax ring on the toilet the ring extends about 1/2" or so below the bottom edge of the toilet. When I seated the toilet I did have to push down a little to get the toilet to seat, not a lot however. The guy at home depot told me to stack two. Wouldn't that have been too much wax? Stacking them would have extended the wax about 1" below the edge of the toilet bowl.

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    You could not, or least would not want to, stack two rings with the rubber/plastic ring. If you are going to stack them you would use one of those on top, and then conventional "thin" one beneath it. That would have made the total thickness less. The amount it projects under the toilet, and most plumbers put the rings on the floor and set the toilet onto them, depends on how low the flange is.

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    I recently tiled the bathroom floor and bought a plastic flange to raise the existing about 1/4". Try using the waxless ring. I bought one at Home Depot for about $4.00. Much cleaner and simper to install. The ring has a strong adhesive. I lifted the toilet bowl several times and the ring held strong.


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