Please help! Without water for ten days now.... Previous thread below, but similar to GoofyMonkey's also. Had to replace previous 1hp waterAce deep well jet pump with new one (exact same pump). Been fighting with it for a week now. Well pipe 4" - two pipes into well seal. Both pipes are completely full of water. Filled pump several times completely. When I close off pressure regulator completely and start pump, pressure gauge screwed directly into pump housing goes right to 40 psi. As soon as I crack the pressure regulator vavle open, even just a tiny bit, pressure plummets to zero. By just barely opening it I am able to keep it around 15 psi while running, but I cannot tell if any water is going into galvanized displacement tank or not (tapping on it for sound doesn't help). I have air valve on top of displacement tank open so it can fill - - should I close it? Question two - would it be easier on the pump if I manually fill the displacement tank? Question three - with regulator closed should pressure be a lot higher than 40 psi? If so what could be the issue - Could the pump actually be defective? Looking for any suggestion? Thanks greatly!