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    Default Shared neutrals

    I was hoping to install some AFCIs on my panel and found two shared neutrals covering four circuits/breakers.

    Any opinions on whether it is worth running new wire on these circuits to have their own neutral? Are there any benefits other than being able to use AFCI breakers?

    One shared neutral is for all receptacles and the basement lights (two circuits).

    The other shared neutral is for the kitchen receptacle and the disposal (two circuits).

    All of the wiring is accessible (unfinished basement).

    Oh, and there was one other problem. In trying to disconnect the neutral for my lighting circuit, the lug will not move and I have stripped the screw. Am I allowed just to cut the neutral near the lug, strip it and place it in another lug? Again I hope to attach an AFCI to this circuit, that's why the issue arose.
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