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Thread: Mixed Drain Cleaners...scared of fumes. help!!

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    Default Mixed Drain Cleaners...scared of fumes. help!!

    Hello, I didn't realize I should mix drain cleaners. I used Pequa Industrial Strength drain cleaner in my basement shower and sink to help a slow (shower) and clogged (sink) drain about 4-5 days ago. Today about 2 hours ago I bought Liquid Plumr Industrial Strength Gel and used it on the same drains, neither have worked. I then realized you weren't supposed to use it on drains where other cleaners have failed.

    There is a smell of bleach in the house, I am venting it, but I am worried that there might be harmful fumes. Does anyone have any experience with this. Is it normal to smell of bleach? I do feel a little light headed, but that could also be my imagination. Any help or experince will ease my nerves. Thank you, Chris in NJ

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    The "Poison Control Center" listed on the first page of my phone book is: 1-800-222-1222. The folks there have virtually everything cross-referenced in their data base and should be able to tell you precisely whether or not you are in any danger.

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    What you smell is Chlorine gas, not bleach... suggest you call 911 and work it out with the plumber they call to fix the chemical problem.


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    Thank you I called them, they said I was ok, does Liquid Plumr always smell like bleach??

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    Default bleach

    No, it usually smells like sulphuric acid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisnj99 View Post
    Thank you I called them, they said I was ok, does Liquid Plumr always smell like bleach??
    it does have a bleach smell to it. It is not really worth to use acid drain cleaners. Call a pro drain cleaner or get a snake. I then long run it will save you alot of frustration.
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    Something I've always wondered... how do you guys deal with snaking a drain, if/when somebody's poured chemicals into it? That's gotta suck.
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    Angry How do They live with skin grafts?

    DON'T USE CHEMICALS IN YOUR DRAINS. Some poor drain guy can get hurt.
    I've read about plumbers getting skin grafts on there legs. Also it eats away
    at cables. If You lie about having used chemicals, Your bill May be VERY expensive!


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