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Thread: Entire home rewire by non-pro..

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    Being an electrician is like driving a truck-except when you make a small driving mistake, a passenger named Kato takes $ out of your wallet . For a big mistake he zaps you with a taser. For a huge mistake, he shoots you. If you are an amateur trying to be an electrician-it is like driving blindfolded-because you don't know the rules. Problem is, Kato (the laws of science) is on the job 24/7. This is about worker safety. The mistakes you bury in the wall will show up later at unpredictable times. That is about occupant safety.

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    An engineer can do this, but it will be done without intuition developed from doing it multiple times and the learning from prior mistakes. It just seems like a lot of work for one person.

    If your house has knob and tube, the walls are probably plaster and ugly and cracked. Fishing lots of wire is a pain in the a$$. Why not remodel with sheet rock or is the house not worth it?

    Personally, I've always had a fantasy of seeing an old house with restored knob and tube wiring. I'd feel differently about living in it.

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    Wouldn't knob and tube help with mouse problems ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alectrician View Post
    Then in the same box you will get a remote reciever that has ZERO clearance when you try to stuff it into the canopy.
    I just installed two of those and had a bear of a time trying to cover all the wires and the receiver with that little canopy.

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    A 400 amp service? How large is the house? Will it have electric heating?

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    I install switches 42" off the floor, measured to the top of the outlet box. Receptacles 19" Some sparkys put switches higher, but I like to avoid teh drywall seams.


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