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Thread: Looking for solution to drain a bar sink

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    Default Looking for solution to drain a bar sink

    Hi All,

    Great site with lots of good info.

    I'm currently finishing my basement and the spot for the bar is nowhere near the waste lines. There is a 2" line directly overhead coming from the kitchen sink and dishwasher but that's it. I could drain it along the perimeter walls but it would be at least a 40 ft run to the ejector pit. I'm not sure its worth all the work. I'm definately not willing to bust up the basement floor either. I'll just make it a dry bar before I do that.

    I have found the Sanivite pumps but can't get a good idea for how well they work. Also, I would one of these vent without sucking out the p-trap on the sink. There is no vent line nearby.

    I'm thinking there is no real good solution to this however the sump is directly below the sink.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can use a greywater pump in a 3-5 gal basin. If yr clever you can put it behind the wall in a storage space.
    Confirm this, but I think bkz it's a greywater sump, it doesn't have to be sealed, and is ok to be exposed. You might not have to vent it either if it's open. But confirm that too.
    (important note: I'm not a pro)

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    A hotplate/saucepan under the sink?

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    Talking the sump is under the sink???

    did I understand this right.....

    you are putting in a bar sink that you might use once in a while
    and you got a sump pit right under the sink area????

    and where does this sump pit go to??


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