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Thread: Hooking up shallow well jet pump

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    Question Hooking up shallow well jet pump

    I have a 1 1/4" well point at 18 feet. I got a "free" Sta-rite" 1/2 hp jet pump from a friend. I want to hook it up to fill my hockey rink. I do not need the jet "action" nor is there anyway to hook it up. Can I just plug the jet outlet and hook up my 1 1/4" suction pipe with success????????

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    Buy a bolt-on shallow-well ejector assembly, and fit it to your (presumably) convertible jet pump.

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    Default Plugging jet on pump

    Can I just plug the jet exit??? Then just hook up my 1 1/4 suction pipe????

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    Yes you can, but you can also overheat the motor by doing that. There is a reason for the jet.


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    You need a 1.25" PVC line from the (I assume) galvanized well pipe to the pump head with a PVC check valve near the pump on the suction side to hold your prime. Keep the pump less than 7' from that 18' deep well head. Shallow well pumps are made for 25'. Directly over the well will give you the best pressure, and you can install a small pressure tank on top of it.
    You will need a discharge line from the pump head to the rink water supply line (I use 200 psi red rubber hose with doubled up ss hose clamps on both ends to connect the pump to the supply).
    You will need a 110v electrical connection to a grounded receptacle from the pumps 20/40 pressure switch to the receptacle for power.
    Your pressure tank should be set on 18 psi for a 20-40 psi cut-on/cut-off half horse.
    Should give you plenty of water for doing a rink.
    I've had Sta-Rite pumps for decades. Good pumps. Coincidentally, I just replaced 30+year-old 1/2hp Sta-Rite (that I have rebuilt a couple of times) with a new 3/4hp and had a new 18' shallow well hand-driven by a much younger pro plumber buddy of mine a couple of days ago. I've driven my share of shallow wells, and believe me...I have definitely aged out on that. LOL
    Good Luck.
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