Is there a minimum distance between a main panel and a subpanel? If so, what is it? Also, is it acceptable to feed a subpanel from another subpanel?
I have a main panel with a 200 A breaker (no other circuits) that feeds what used to be a main panel (it was converted to a subpanel when I added the 200 A main) and I would like to add a subpanel fed from a 60 A breaker in my existing subpanel.
That's the short story. The rest of the story is that I want to add a feed from an emergency generator. The 60 A breaker will have 4 G wire going to a transfer switch and 4 G wire going to the new subpanel. There will also be 10 G wire going to the transfer switch being feed from an emergency generator that is protected with 240 V 30 A breaker. The new subpanel with have the following circuits:
240 V 30 A
120 V 20 A (two)
120 V 15 A (two)
It is also intended that the 30 A breaker will be off while the emergency generator is on, or on with all other breakers off.