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Thread: Old School Radiators

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    Default Old School Radiators

    I have tried to seal old hot water radiator sections and am not 100% successfull.
    For the wife I need/want to.
    I am asking what was the gasket used between sections?
    What was the original seal ?
    The................................ Threads or the flange?
    Has anyone tried O-Rings?


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    I've had to dismantle a new steam boiler, to carry the individual sections down a winding staircase that wouldn't support the entire boiler, and the sections were sealed with something like putty.

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    Furnace/boiler cement.
    You'll also need a pressing tool, a bowl of wheaties and a back massager.
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    I seem to remember a red lead paint and tapered nipples, and cranking them together with all-thread rods.

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    Default Sealling old Radiators

    Yes thesen have tapered threads , nipples with keystock inside to give a grip
    on the nipple.
    Both a left and a right thread.
    turned one way and it draws the halfs together.
    Mine are not the type with ready rod.
    This is the theads I cannot seal/
    Lead paint/putty would be hard to get
    Rather use some safer product.

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    Default Better place for you to get an answer

    Hi Litemine--

    If I were you I'd hop over to heatinghelp.com and ask your question on "the wall". Those guys are boiler and radiation maniacs, very technical and old school but also quite helpful and friendly--not a smart aleck among em. I've seen a fair amount of discussion of CI rad restoration and repair so check the archives too.

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    I'll second that, and give you the link:


    It's where I go for hydronic / steam heat questions.

    Archives usually have my answer.
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