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Thread: Stuck set screw on a Peerless One Handle Faucet

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    Default Stuck set screw on a Peerless One Handle Faucet


    I've got a stuck set screw on a Peerless one handled faucet that is leaking. I know it is the internal parts because it leaks from the spout, not from the base. I can't change out the internals for new ones until I can get that set screw undone. I've tried WD40 and another bolt loosener, but it still won't budge.

    Any suggestions?

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    If worse comes to worse cut the handle off put in a new stem and buy a new handle. Just don't cut too low. If it is that bad though I would justn change the faucet. Be sure to tun off the water first in case some thing breaks. You can drill the screw with a nice sharp drill bit, if you have the room. You still need a new handle.
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    Default Peerless

    Heat the handle slowly. When the temperature is just right the screw will loosen up. If it is the old Peerless it will have a diamond shaped stem, rather than the conventional/modern round one. In which case the handle is probably bonded to the stem and will not come off even when the screw is removed.


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