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Thread: Pressure related question

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    I have a well/septic system in my house that has been installed about 5 years. For a long time, we have put up with low flow in our shower. The thing that puzzles me is that after the shower runs for a few minutes, the pressure comes up to a somewhat acceptable standard. When the pressure comes up, it's a very quick transition, not a gradual building of pressure.

    House is all PVC piping I believe. WellXtrol accumulator tank. When I look at the pressure guage, sometimes it reads about 48psi, other times around 38psi.

    1) What is the target high pressure for a household system? I see several models of pressure switches on the market. Some 30-50psi, some 40-60psi.

    2) Is a 10psi gap too large? Is that what's causing the flow rate change?

    3) How do I adjust the switch? There are two spring-loaded switches, is there a guide to adjusting them?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default switch

    If you reduce the 10 psi differential too much the pump could cycle on and off too frequently. The big screw changes the pressure. The small one changes how much it drops before the pump starts. If the pump can do it, then 60 psi might be a better number for you.

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    Adjust the switch so there is a 20 spread between off/on. Normally a setting of 30/50 is ok, but you can try a 40/60 (Max.)

    The large nut when turned cw will raise BOTH on/off pressures.
    The small nut when turned cw will raise the cut-off pressure ONLY.

    Adjust the nuts only a half turn at a time and then check setting results.

    Make sure the tank pressure(empty of water) is approx 2 lbs below the cut-in setting .
    eg... cut-in = 30
    air in tank = 28
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