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Thread: Ejector Pump Installation Question

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    Default Ejector Pump Installation Question

    Hi all,
    I am opting to install the ejector pump system (flotec) in my basement slab and I am not clear on a few issues:

    1) Do I need gravel around basin and how much? ( I think I need 4 inches per installation instructions, but I just wanted to make sure. )

    2) Do I need gravel around PVC pipes that I will be burying under my slab? If so, how much?

    3) How far from the basement cement wall can I dig a pit? (one pro i talked to mentioned something about leaving space for headers...)

    4) When running trenches for PVC pipes, how far should I stay away from load-bearing studs?

    I understand that some of these questions are in the building codes and may very from area to area, but I still would like to get a general feel for the amount of work ahead of me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default re. Ejector Pump Installation Question

    Alex, I'll leave the plumbing questions to the plumbers, but stay away from the concrete wall at least 24" to be safe. Your footings (not headers) probably extend from beyond the wall 6" or so, but depending on age of home, engineering, etc, could be much more. You may want to leave this to a pro, you could damage your foundation and cause huge problems with water infiltration into your basement if you don't know what you're doing. Have you though about how you'll get through the slab? BTW, cement is glue. The hard gray stuff is concrete.

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    Default glue?

    The gray powdery stuff you mix with sand and gravel is Portland cement. It doesn't become concrete until it is mixed with the sand and gravel. And it doesn't become hard concrete until it is mixed with water and left alone for a while.
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