I have an ageing gas boiler (circa 1951) that heats water for a 2-zone house - one zone is radiators and is working fine since I bled them all, the other is baseboard heating and while it seems to be heating fine but there is a small leak (intermittent drip when pump running) from the old Bell & Gossett circulator pump that is leaving a small milky puddle on the floor.

Originally I thought it was just excess oil from over exuberant maintenance - the pump is not in the most accessible place and its hard to keep the little flap open and drip the oil in without a few drips hitting the floor, but now its obvious that there is some water involved - not sure why its the milky color though?

I'm covered by the PSE&G Worry Free maintenance plan and they say they cover parts for circulator pumps but will not perform water work. I'm suspecting that the circulator pump seal is starting to fail and as its a leak it obviously involves water to some degree.

A couple of questions:

* Is the pump seal considered part of the pump?

* Would this be something a plumber would fix?

* How are these things usually fixed? Is it a huge job?