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Thread: Tripod for lifting ?

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    Default Tripod for lifting ?

    As a kid I used to work for a pump repair place and I remember using
    a tripod made from 4x4s,some chain, and a come-along for pulling
    submersible pumps. This wasn't all we used,(like power-by-armstrong...)
    but what I am wondering is, can anybody refresh my memory as to
    how a tripod for lifting, made of 4x4s or heavier, could be put together ?

    I just can't remember some 45 years later....
    I know it had some bolts through the top part and some chain around
    that to keep it from collapsing in, but the rest, I can't seem to come up with.

    Thanks..a ton...
    PS, I'm not pulling a pump, just want to use it with my come-along to lift
    my hydraulic wood spliter to work on it.

    Gary in OR

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    I've never had one, but I think you nailed it. The bolt to hold the three pieces of wood together could also go through the and link in a chain.


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    I have just the rig for you, a clear 4x4 or larger, say 4x12 stuck in the bed of a pickup, the other end on the lumber rack, now your lifter is moveable, the height is adjustable with how you strap it in and at what angle - you have a Slovak cherry picker. The more creative will put a pulley at the top and a winch down in the bed where you can work it. Now you have a crane. IF you have the pickup, its faster and cheaper than the tripod.

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    LOL ! Love the Slovak cherry picker !

    Have the pickup but not the rack.

    Thanks guys !

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    It would probably be safer to jack it up and set it on blocks than to lift it from overhead with a "come-along" (for fence work) not intended for "come-on-up" ...

    What kind of repair do you need to do?

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    Oregon has a lot of trees. I would get myself a decent size pole maybe 16 to 20 ft long, and two shorter posts maybe 10 ft long. The shorter posts would be fastened with a piece of threaded rod about a foot from the end to make an X with the top part of the X just large enough to hold the pole in the crotch with about 4 ft of overhang. Then use threaded rod or bolts and chain to hold it all together. Spike a 2x4 across near the bottom so the legs don't slide apart and erect it vertical.

    Put the small end of the pole in the crotch with about 4 ft of overhang. The overhang lets you work outside the tripod area. The weight of the butt will counterbalance what you are working with, or pile some heavy stuff on it.

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    Boy, thanks for the continued replies !
    Great help here !

    I am only lifting a small 12 ton DR Wood Splitter to replace a seal.
    Not an industrial wood splitter this time so the weight is not that much.

    Interesting about the "come-along" being meant for fence work, not "com-on-up" !
    We used a 2-ton one for lifting a lot of indoor subs when there was no way to
    get a hoist truck in there. Hmmm, not so OSHA compliant I'd guess...pretty highball
    outfit but then this was 45 years ago too.

    Appreciate the help !


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