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Thread: Help! MANY plumbing problems

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    Default Help! MANY plumbing problems

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the board, my name is Elizabeth and my husband and I just bought our first house. My husband is active duty Air Force and deployed the day after we closed so I have been left to deal with any issues, lol. Ok, heres my problem. When my washer drains, it backs up into both bathrooms, the shower and the tub and also makes air bubbles come up out of both toilets. Now I figured out the hard way you cannot flush the toilet right after this happens because it won't flush, simply half flush and then start to overflow. Well today after doing two loads of laundry tried to flush both toilets and both refused to flush for about half an hour. I tried out the tub and it was also backed up. I got frustrated, came online, found the board and decided to wash another load of clothes. As soon as the washer started I heard a ton of bubbles come up out of both toilets, went to flush and Voila! they were both fine now. Anyone have any idea what on Earth is going on with my plumbing? I do have a home owners warranty which I need to pick up from my realtor tomorrow, hopefully it's covered and they'll come out and fix it very soon!
    Take care, Elizabeth

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    Sounds to me that you have a clog in the drain. My unprofessional opinion.
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    Default Which drain though?

    I thought of that, but which drain? I might go buy some drano and just pour it down all the drains to see if it helps. Also, I was reading online that this might also because from my sewer line being blocked? I know we don't have a septic tank and are connected to the city sewer line.

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    It does sound like a clog. Drano and the like probably arent going to work (personally I despise that junk). You need to have a plumber come and clean them out for you.

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    DO NOT use Draino or any other chemical cleaner. Your problem is almost certainly a clog in the main drain, and you need a plumber who can properly auger the drain. Chemical cleaners do not work and actually creat a hazzard for plumbers who have to work on the problem. If you have already tried a chemical, tell the plumber what you used, how much, and when before he starts the clearing out process. Also, forget about a DIY snake. The clog is far too deep for that to be effective. The plumber may also be able to tell you why the drain clogged and if there is a problem that needs repair.

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    Hi everyone, thanks for your help. I did not make it to the store today and buy any drano. This is because first thing this morning I called my home warranty company and the plumber will be here at 4 pm. Atleast I'll be able to wash some clothes later today! lol

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    Default All better now!

    The plumbers got here around 4 pm today and snaked out the drain pipe in my backyward. Now I can finally wash some laundry!


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