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Thread: Winterizing well

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    Hi noobie,
    Just thought I would reply and let you know what my experience was this past year after posting this question.
    I turned off the power to the well pump and drained everthing above ground as much as possible. In the Spring, I turned on the pump and there was a leak due to a cracked valve (it was very old to begin with). So, that had to be replaced, but otherwise everything has worked as needed this year. I'm doing the same thing this winter.
    I think what 'Southern Man' is suggesting is a good idea if you want to use your welll during the winter and have the ability to install the electrical needed.

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    Southern_Man is correct, insulate the building. I'm also in TN (Cumberland Plateau) and my well house is 8x8. I've got R13 in the walls and R19 in the ceiling. I run one flood light during the winter and it keeps everything above 35 during the winter. I've got a freeze alarm that will text msg my cell phone but that has only happened once when it never got over 35deg for about 8 days straight (rare in mid TN).

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    Good idea with the freeze alarm. I assume that you need a telephone line out there though. Details, please.

    If 100W won't do you can always use a bigger bulb, like a 150W heat lamp shining down on reflective aluminum foil.

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