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Thread: Instant hot water heaters

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    Default Instant hot water heaters

    I have a cabin in Colorado at about 8500 feet elevation. Is there any reason the "instant" hot water heaters that don't hold hot water but only provide hot water when needed will not work well at this elevation? I know the water that comes to the house comes from a stream and is quite a bit colder than at my house in Oklahoma. Also, are there any reasons one would not want this type of system? Is there a limit to how much hot water can be provided and what temperature it can maintain? Thank you for your time--Jim Hesser

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    Default tankless heaters are trouble


    it would be to your advantage to stay away from them,

    electric or gas???

    either one has their problems that go along with them.

    the biggest disavadvantage is

    1. the initial cost, you never re-coup it

    2 if it breaks down , I can almost guarantee no one except maybe in Denver
    is going to be able to service it quickly

    3 parts can be a problem to gget quickly too

    look at the info on the link


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