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Thread: What is your favorite faucet?

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    I never claimed to be more then a homeowner attempting to repair a faucet for the first time. Just because you’re an expert doesn’t mean my experience will not be of benefit to someone. Delta has done nothing to make me believe Delta faucets are better. For a plumber repairing faucets, perhaps yes. They have a handful of parts (spring, spring seat, stem assembly) to do most repairs. These are used in most faucets. They are simple to install once you have done it a few times. I spoke to 3 different plumbers over the weekend, they all thought delta was the best. I’m just giving my experience with delta.

    My house was built late 2002, its less then 5 yrs old. I have a separate shower and bath. This faucet was the least used in the house. It’s a whirlpool tub, and the most attractive faucet in the house. There is no good reason for this faucet to be leaking. The leak was substantial and I had to cut the water off Saturday night and Sunday only turn it on intermittently.

    I visited delta’s website and their diagram was small and poor quality. I could not see how to properly orient the springs and spring seats. This does matter and is important. They did not provide a description of the installation.

    I called delta Monday morning while I waited for the plumber to arrive. I tried one last time to fix the leak with the seats and springs I had purchased. She offered to send me a replacement stem assembly for $17.50 + shipping and handling. It would arrive in 3 days. Considering my faucet wasn’t 5 years old yet, I didn’t consider this generous. I bought the house 8 months ago, so perhaps that was the reason being a 2nd owner I would have to pay for repair parts. She told me the correct way to install the spring and spring seat. However she told me I needed an additional piece to go in the half moon of the stem assembly. She gave me a p/n for this. I did not need this part and it did not come with my faucet. She was wrong and the plumber proved that. I was not impressed by the customer support. I sent 3 emails to delta over the weekend, and they never replied. They did answer my call Monday morning.

    The plumber seated the spring and seal as I did. The faucet still leaked. He then replaced the stem assembly and the leak stopped. I had attempted to replace the stem assembly but the parts were not available. Only a plumbing supply house carried it. I brought the stem assembly to home depot and ace hardware they didn’t carry the part. I don’t think delta repair parts are easier to get. Maybe for a plumber who doesn’t need to carry many parts to repair delta faucets there is an advantage with delta.

    That doesn’t change the fact that 1) most faucets last longer then 5 yrs 2) delta didn’t offer to reimburse me for the repair parts as they state they will in their guaranty 3) the parts (stem assembly) are not carried at any hardware stores in my area and are not easier to find then other brands 4) delta doesn’t provide information with the repair parts to install them. A simple diagram or descriptive sentence with the springs and seats I bought would have been sufficient.

    Which goes in first the spring or the spring seat? One spring end is narrower then the other, which end goes in first? Its shaped like a cup it makes a difference. Those are 2 basic questions that anyone installing them for the first time needs to know. It could damage the seat or the stem assembly if they are not installed correctly. Delta didn’t provide info with the repair parts or on their website.

    Here is my experience. You will need to go to a plumbing supply house to find the delta parts you need to make a repair. Delta is not going to provide any instructions with the repair parts to install them. You will need to either talk to them on the phone, or be very careful when you remove the seat and springs to remember how to install them correctly later. Delta won’t reimburse the cost of the parts unless you can show you are the original purchaser.

    I don’t see how delta faucets are then better then other faucets. You can find replacement parts for most faucets at a plumbing supply house. Most faucet companies are going to provide repair parts and instructions. You pay for repair parts unless you are the original owner. Most faucets will last 5 years without repairs. So why are delta faucets considered better?
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