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Thread: Hot Water Supply Sizing

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    Default Hot Water Supply Sizing

    i'm looking to supply a 20 gal hw tank (laars endurance boiler) with 3/4" line for 2 floor 2 full bath unit. then i guess i'll run 3/4" line out too. but recently was wondering if i shouldn't go with 1/2" instead, thinking tap and shower might warm up quicker.

    current connects to tank ar 1/2" but step up to 3/4" to enter the actual unit. i'm worried about adequate flow, etc. the hw part of this boiler has not been in use as of yet.

    any thoughts and advice much appreciated

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    I think you have a valid concern about the time it takes to purge cold water from 3/4" lines, especially to the furthest fixture. I think 1/2" would be quite adaquate.

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    Default Sizing water lines

    Most plumbers are running at most 2 plumbing fixtures on a 1/2" line.

    Tubs are rated at 4.0 fixture units, lavs at 1.0 for a combined total of 5.0
    If you check the charts, you will see that 1/2" lines don't handle much more, maybe one more 1.0 lav.
    Two bathroom groups, you should have 3/4" pipe.


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    ok, thanks, i see this is a debated topic. i think i'll probably go with 3/4".


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