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Thread: Outdoor sink

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    Default Outdoor sink

    I plan to install an outdoor sink about 12 feet from the cleanout of my slab home. Is it ok to tee the drain into the cleanout. Is a trap and vent needed?

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    Default sink

    A trap and vent are definitely needed, and as to whether you can connect to the cleanout depends on how the cleanout is connected to the main line. Many inspectors do not allow that connection, but if the cleanout is properly installed, and if there are two cleanout openings within 16" of each other the odds are that it is, then it should work. If there is only one cleaount opening, then you have a 50/50 chance of it being usable.

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    Default venting outdoor sink

    I am trying to install a free standing outdoor kitchen with a sink hooked up to the sewer cleanout. Our inspector is ok with the hookup, but can't tell us how to direct vent the plumbing. (There are no walls around the outdoor kitchen). Any suggestions?

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    Talking auto air vent under the sink??

    just install an auto air vent under the sink...


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