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Thread: Help with water in basement (Not sure if this correct Forum)

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    Default Help with water in basement (Not sure if this correct Forum)

    Hello, I've used this forum in the past for some electrical questions and i lurk here often. I recently purchased a 1922 house and am having some water issues in the basement. Not sure if this is a question relative to plumbing, but.... thought i would pick your brains on it.

    I have attached a couple drawings and a couple pictures.

    Basically, i'm getting water seeping into the basement then running to an in floor drain that goes to sewer. I thought i had taken care of the outside water/rain drainage, and am not sure where this water is coming from. There is 7' of crawlspace between outer wall and the basement wall. So the water is not draining down a foundation wall.

    I realize the concrete is in bad shape and intend to chip that out and replace in those areas. It is my understanding that i also need to address the water issue not just patch the cement. Would a sump pump basin in that back corner most likely solve this problem? or since there is most likely not a good drain field under the foundation would a sump pump only help a very localized area?

    All these question may be impossible to answer with the limited information i have given. So another question is what is a good resource to help with this kind of question?
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    Default I'm a Bay area Gen. Contr. We do a lot of drainage work

    All down spouts [leaders] MUST dump well away from house! This is the first min. You have to address. Any new const. gets 4" to 6"sdr 35 perf pipe with 12" of gravel and filter fab. Finish grade is compacted 100% with a 2% grade away from house.These spec. are from our soil engs, I would take care of the leak side 1st.,that MAY be enough good luck Tool


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