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Thread: NEC Cycle question for GFCI..

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    Default NEC Cycle question for GFCI..

    At what NEC Cycle did GFCI for Bathrooms come? Also what cycle did a dedicated 20A circuit for bathrooms come?

    Reason I ask, is I've seen a rental that has 2 baths and 2 bdrms all on one 15A circuit that was built in 77', and remodeled at somepoint, and need ammo to hit the landlord with.

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    1975 was the first bathroom GFCI requirement.

    The 20-amp bath circuit appeared in 1999.

    However, keep in mind that most jurisdictions don't adopt a Code for a few years after it's published. So the 1975 may not have been adopted in the area you are until '76, '77, even '78. I work in a few areas that are still using the '99.

    As for the remodel, it may not have been required to update it, but that would have been an AHJ call.
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    Just my 2 worth.

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    Rental property in some jurisdictions is covered by fire and other safety codes. You might check with code enforcement or the Fire Marshal in the community.


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