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Thread: problem with toilet, water level high

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    Angry problem with toilet, water level high

    Hi People, i have a problem with my toilet. Whenever i flush my toilet, the water level remains really high and it wont flush all the way down properly...i suspect i have a mild case of a clog but that doesnt seem like the case after i used the plunger + hot water + dishwashing soap to get rid of the clog.....after doing all that, whenever i flush, the water level is still very high whenever i flush and will stay high inside of the bowl.....any help would be appreciated

    maybe my drain pipe is really clogged up or what?? or something wrong within the top part of inside the toilet tank ??

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    Plunger + hot water + dishwasher soap = a plugged toilet, but at least it is clean, and luckily/hopfully not cracked from the hot water. The next step is to do something that really works, such as a plumber.

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    ok now the toilet flushes and gets rid of the contents only sometimes.....but each time i flush now, the water level inside still remains very high (during the flush)....any ideas why this is?? i dont want to call a plumber yet...

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    Buy a closet auger. Home D. has a nice Ridgid auger for about 30.00.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdeboy View Post
    Buy a closet auger. Home D. has a nice Ridgid auger for about 30.00.

    i tried the snake auger already, and the problem still occurs

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    Try dumping a bucket of water into the bowl (at least 2 gallons) and see if the same thing happens. If that goes down fine, then the problem may be that the little holes under your bowl rim may be plugged with minerals.

    If the problem still occurrs with the bucket of water, then you probably need your drain snaked out.

    I'm assuming that the water level in the bowl used to be much lower. Is that correct?


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