Hi there. My name is Vinny and I live in upstate NY. I have a 100 years old cape about 1300 square feet. I have a question about my circulator pump. A contractor said I should have it at its lowest speed because the hot water will stay in the baseboards longer, retaing more heat there, and making my house warmer longer. He said that on its highest speed, it zooms through taking a lot of the heat away quicker.

I have a Weil Mclean gas hot water boiler thats about 30 yrs old with baseboards. 2 zones(one for downstairs, one for up), a digital thermostat, all replacement windows, doors, blown in cellulose in walls, and energy saving window treatments. My friend said I am building a Fort but I am into effeciency and want to be snug in my house. Any suggestions? Im all ears. Thanks