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Thread: Moen Shower Faucet Leak

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    I have a Moen (Model # 2352P) shower and faucet that leaks. The shower has been in use for 12 years. I have the diagram of all the parts that make up the shower knob but do not know how to oepn the knob. According to the diagram, I should be able to pop out the knob insert possibly with a screw driver, not sure.

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    Yes, if that is the teardrop shape knob, the index button pops off with a small screwdriver or knife. Under that is the screw which holds it on.

    Once you get that off, turn off the main water, the pull out the chrome sleeve which is under the nut, and pull out the bronze horshoe clip which holds the cartridge in. You may then need one or more special tools to remove the cartridge if it is old and really stuck.

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