We purchased a vacation home on Houghton Lake, Michigan that has a Hot Water baseboard heat system. Since we will not live there full-time and may only visit a couple of times during the winter, we're not too thrilled with having to leave the heat "ON" all winter.

We've been told we should never drain the hot water heat system because it's too difficult for the average homeowner to recharge. I'm probably less than average and am not seeking extra work for myself.

We'd also like to turn the well pump off when we leave (it's a 300 foot deep well), but since we have to leave the heat on, that's not an option.

If we could choose to do what we'd like, we would empty the hot water heater and heat system, drain supply lines, anti-freeze all drains and toilets, etc, and turn all of the power off.

A friend said he thought hot water heat systems could be charged with glycol and that it would then be a freeze proof "closed system." Can anyone point me in the right direction if we can convert the system to a closed-loop, non-freezing system?

The furnace is new, the heat is transferred through older baseboards, and all of the water is routed through a softener.

Any other closed-system options or suggestions? Thank you.