The point is the simple things can lead to major issues.
I would not debate that at all. It wasn't a code violation to use a screw that ran into the conductors it was poor workmanship by the installer. I have pulled screws out of wires too many times to remember.

I have alway just done bread and butter electrical work and wouldn't have a clue about most of the things you do. I do however know about MY jobs. I know how to do things safely and efficently even though I sometimes drive over the speed limit.

Here is another code I used to frequently violate. We were contracted to run power to automatic drveway gates for a local contractor. Code says 24" depth across driveways, 6" more than "normal" which I understand. Every 10 years or so the asphalt would have to be ripped up, regraded and replaced so they want it a little deeper.

One type of gate was a rolling gate that required power on both sides. They would dig a trench abour 8" wide by 8" deep for the concrete "footing" that would support the gate track. I would run my conduit at the bottom of that trench and call it good. It will be protected as long as the gate is there. If the gate goes, it will be disconnected.

Even though it is against code no one can explain how it is dangerous. I feel that I am allowed to use my brain. I feel COMPELLED to use my brain.