I plan to occasionally use a portable generator (about 3500w or so in case it matters) when boondocking (camping off the grid) with my travel trailer. Typically proper ground rods are 8ft however, trying to install an 8ft ground rod for temporary use of perhaps only a few days would be highly inconvenient and then I would also have to attempt to pull it up when I'm finished which might be impossible. Plus I would have to store the 8ft metal rod someplace when traveling. Most inconvenient that would be on so many levels (driving it in, removing it, storing it).

I have found mentions online about using two 4ft rods connected together and spaced 5 feet apart from each other for antenna grounding is almost as good as a single 8ft rod. Two 4ft rods would be much easier to drive into the ground and remove than a single 8ft rod would be, as well as store when not in use.

So my question is: Would two 4ft rods linked together with 12 gauge wire and spaced 5ft apart be adequate grounding for a portable generator?