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Thread: electromagnetic water softener (descaler)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furd View Post

    As for any residential usage of this technology...sorry, I just don't see it EVER having a positive return on investment, EVER.
    Haha, I would guess not. I dont generally produce chemicals to make money at home. I mean, im a chemist, meth isnt too hard of a stretch...but yeah, I wouldnt expect a return, other than if it prevented scaling it would save hot water appliances like my water heater, dish washer, washing machine, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUGGED View Post
    Go ahead and buy it, let us know how well it works.
    I agree with you Rugged, he should go get one and report.

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    I have been watching this post for some time and would like to pass along some information for you all about these types of systems. To my knowledge there is only one system on the market that has been tested and certified by UPC IAPMO to work as an ANTI-SCALE appliance. And that is the Sterling ICT series of electronic water conditioners. www.sterlingwatersystems.com
    And yes I am a salesman for the product.
    These systems do not remove any of the hard water elements from the water supply. They do what they are supposed to do and that is preventing scaling of your pipes, fixtures, and plumbing components from hard water deposits. If you want to remove those elements the best way to do that is through filtration. The best way to use this type of a system is to install the unit with a 5 to 10 micron sediment filter down stream of the unit to trap any of the heavy deposits and then a GAC filter after that to answer the issues of odor & taste for your clients. If your clients like the slippery feel that a softener system gives them then this is not for them because the only thing that will give that to you is a Salt based softener.
    Ok, let the bashing begin! LOL!!
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