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Thread: Baseboard rules of thumb?

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    Default Baseboard rules of thumb?

    I will install new baseboards in a bathroom remodel project. The plan is to use a built-up design including painted S4S pine as the base, with a base cap on top of the S4S.

    Question: My door casing is about 9/16" thick. Am I making a trim carpentry faux pas by using the heavy S4S base? I may have to bevel or chamfer the raw end of the base where it meets the door casing, to give a finished look. Anyone seea problem with this plan? Thanks for any comments.

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    Only way is to install plinth blocks at the bottom of door casings.

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    Default baseboard

    I, like to use a different method when cutting baseboard. I'm not sure what it's call, but it's real simple once you figure it out. Put a long piece of baseboard on the right side of the blade and make a right 45 off the left end of the board then take another piece of baseboard, place it on the left side of the blade and make a left 45 off the right end of the board. Then make a 90 across the short end of the miter so you'll end up with just a little piece of baseboard that should fit in the piece that you just installed. This makes it look like the baseboard rounds the corner and gives a real nice finished look. If this is as clear as mud, maybe someone else could explain it a little better or just ask around. This is truly the best way.

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    It's called a return.

    If you go to JLC Online forum, look at the picture galleries:


    there's a lot of close-ups of trim work.

    If you do a search in the forums, you'll find more explanations, and probably some pics...

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