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Thread: Bathroom remodel

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    Is it okay to install a prefabricated shower over ceramic tile. Also, how would you install a marble threshold to transition from ceramic tile to carpet. Should it be installed on cement board or the subfloor which is plywood. Which type of adhesive should I use?
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    The pre-fab bases require a flat surface. If the existing tile was a floor, and not an old shower, then it should be flat. It also requires level, so check that. If it was an old shower you are hoping to reline, not a good choice.

    While you could probably put a marble base directly on plywood, it would probably be better if it was over cbu. Thinset or a medium bed mortar would be the best choice. You want all the minor imperfections filled in so it is 100% supported, and gluing it down isn't likely to do that. Mortar will.
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