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Thread: What to tell a landlord?

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    This morning my landlord agreed to replace our ancient toilet with a low-flow option. I read much of this site, and gave him the list of toilets eligible for a rebate here in northern California.

    After speaking with his plumber, he said he'd like to install a Kohler that the plumber is already familiar with, and because it is less expensive. I don't know what model it is, but reading this site makes me worry that any Kohler will be loud, leaky, or otherwise not so effective.

    Any suggestions for an affordable option other than Kohler? Is it possible that there is a Kohler model that won't be so bad?

    Please advise - thank you,

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    Ask him to guarantee that the new toilet will work right or he will replace it with one that will work if it doesn't.

    Give him and the plumber this web site and ask them to check it out.

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    Just found out it will be a Kohler Wellworth. I'll hope for the best.
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