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Thread: Circuit Planning Basics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
    Here you go... page 4, under "Warning" toward the bottom.

    Once again 760 addresses FIRE alarms and what you are installing are SMOKE alarms.

    If you are connecting the two systems together then 760 will regulate the isntallation of the Fire circuits.

    760 DOES NOT regulate Smoke alarms

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    I'm not familiar w/ american code, but in Canada smokies aren't permissible on a dedicated cct. Sounds like the house is so small you can get away w/ max. 3 smokes. Generally the infeed should come off a lighting cct. (or a cct w/ common lights on it) and the other smokes interconnected w/ a 3-wire. Point being, if you have a smokie that's nuisance tripping you can't just kill the cct. and have no f.a. protection. If buddy's coming to do the service change anyway, pay him a bit more to coach you along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cakins View Post
    So - to clarify what you're saying - your smokes are then also on an AFCI if they are in the BR?
    Connecticut has an amendment, so I don't have to have my smokes AFCI protected...


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