Hi, Here's some history...3 years ago we had to replace our well.
So, a week ago our pump went out and the well driller came back out and replaced our pump. Now our water is grey. It seems to be just the cold water though. We have a high salt content and are unable to drink the water since the new well. Which was drilled to 320 ft 3 years ago..great pressure though..... we have had to bring our drinking water in from other sources. Anyways thats not the problem here. How or what should we be doing to get our water clear. What should I be telling the well drillers to do. It has been since October 30th since they put the new pump in and the water is still grey. Should we still be running the water out side at the well? Are we hurting our hot water heater by running it? Does anyone have any advice?
I appreciate your time and wisdom.