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Thread: Opinions on AquaBrass for Master Bath Shower

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    Default Opinions on AquaBrass for Master Bath Shower

    I have been lurking for awhile and have just started a Master Bath remodel. (It was a projrct but is fast becoming a 'hobby' ) So far I have removed the shower and pan, 3/4 of the floor tile and cement board and 3 walls of drywall to the studs. Based on reading this great forum so far I plan on using Ditra for the floor and Kerdi for the shower.
    I am in the process of pivking out the shower fixtures, valves etc for the shower. We are planning on an overhead shower and a handheld on a bar. My wife wants to go with a 'square' motif which somewhat limits my choices. We have gotten an estimate for an AquaBrass square shower head (thermostatic valve, two flow controls and associated 'square' trim.)
    I am not familiar with AquaBrass and would like to hear any opinions about the products?
    (I suspect this will be the first of many question, thanks in advance for any replies.)

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    It's not at the top of the scale when it comes to faucets, but it is a ceramic cartridge and i've sold quite a few and have only replaced a few cartridges.


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