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    I have a sub pump with a Square-D Switch and a Bladder Tank hooked up to a shallow well and I'm using for irrigation only. Everything is working just fine except the Sprinkler heads are having a hard time shutting down. I was assuming it was because of the difference in pressure. My switch is cut on at 40 and off at 60 with the bladder Tank set at 38. The pressure is fine and also the volume. I was wondering if a CSV would help my situation. and by the way I have a pumptec also connected.

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    from another posting I was told that pumptecs will not work properly with csv's.

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    Lawn sprinklers that aren't shutting down would be most likely caused by the zone valve(s) - for a start, you want valves with flow controls, and to have those flow controls throttled down, as that greatly improves valve closing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aceto View Post
    from another posting I was told that pumptecs will not work properly with csv's.
    A Pumptec works by sensing the lower current to the pump when the water drops in the well. When the current is too low, below the normal current, it shuts off the pump until some time has elapsed so the well can recover.

    A CSV reduces the flow from the pump to about 1 GPM. Reducing the flow also reduces the current to the pump.

    If the current at 1 GPM is less than the "low-current" setting on the Pumptec, then the Pumptec will shut down the pump.

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    Tried wet_boots idea and that fixed the problem. Thanks Bob NH for the info on the pumptec. Everything is working fine.


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