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Thread: chrome gooseneck to cpvc shower fitting - how do I ensure it doesn't leak behind the

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    Default chrome gooseneck to cpvc shower fitting - how do I ensure it doesn't leak behind the

    I had a basement bath remodeled and the guy used all cpvc for the water lines (he's from California and is a real believer), including the fitting that the gooseneck screws in to. As this fitting is inside the wall, how do I connect the gooseneck where a plumbing leak won't be a potential problem, since the connection will be inside the wall? By the way, I'm a complete novice when it comes to plumbing. Thanks in advance, Bill

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    If the threaded fitting in the wall was cpvc, I'd be worried. I'd want a brass drop-eared fitting that could be screwed to a support to screw in the shower arm. Having it of plastic would risk splitting it if the arm (big lever!) got moved or knocked (or even tightened too much).
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    In my own experience, the correct fitting in CPVC has a rubber washer inside as a seat for the gooseneck, and I installed mine with teflon tape also. And, you do not have to tighten the gooseneck enough to break the CPVC fitting in order to get a good seal!
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