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Thread: 32" Neo Angle Shower unit

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    Default 32" Neo Angle Shower unit

    Hello there. We are having a difficult time finding a basic 32" Neo Angle Shower unit. Does anyone know where we might be able to find one? If possible please respond to this email address wanderbirdcruises@gmail.com Thanks so much, Rick Miles www.wanderbirdcruises.com

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    Took me about 20 seconds on google. The second link lists many showers. Scroll towards the bottom and they list some 32" ones. Let us know if this is not what you're looking for.


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    Default Thanks Nate

    Hey Nate ..Thank you. i tried calling them and they said they would not sell to me as they only sold by the truckload. i asked them who the nearest wholesaler was who i could order from They responded in PA so I tried but they also were not interested in shipping it here to Maine. I'll keep trying..Thanks again! Rick


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