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Thread: Toilet leak, floor problems?

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    Default Toilet leak, floor problems?

    Looks like the wax seal didn't, probably because the flange was lower than the floor. There was standing water around the flange. From what I can see around the flange, there's the top layer of vinyl stickyback tiles, a sheet of luan, old vinyl (possibly original, ~1978) and I can't really tell what's under that - but it's soft around the edges. This bathroom is on the second floor. Directly under the toilet is the HVAC duct work, so I'm pretty sure I can't take a look from underneath. I'm concerned about poking and prodding too much, as I don't know if the (possibly original) vinyl floor contains asbestos. The floor doesn't feel weak, but it does have a vinyl/luan sandwhich on top of it. Any advice on how to determine if I should leave the floor as is, start pulling layers of flooring to see how it looks, or other ideas?

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    Let the floor dry out and then determine if it is solid.

    Depending on how low the flange is, you may need to raise it with new plumbing, add flange extenders, or just double up on the wax rings.

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    Thanks for the reply. Are there any tricks to helping it dry out quicker or checking to see what shape the subfloor/underlayment are in? My concern is that rot is like cancer - You gotta get rid of all of it, or it'll come back.


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    You can put an oscillating fan on the floor to help dry it out faster.
    To check it after it all dries out, step on it for "give" and poke it with a screwdriver. You can tell if it is too soft and damaged.


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