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Thread: Problem with circuit breaker. HELP!

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    Default Problem with circuit breaker. HELP!

    Hello to all. I'm not an electrician or anything like that. I'm just a person with a circuit breaker problem. Anyway, just this morning a circuit breaker went off on us due to heavy usage of electricity. I assumed that I could just simply switch the circuit breaker back to on in the circuit breaker box and everything will be fine but so far no luck. The electricity simply won't come back on so I'm not sure if the circuit breaker needs replacement or what. Here's the information on that particular circuit breaker:

    Arc Fault
    Type BRAF

    There seems to be a TEST button on this circuit breaker as well. Any ideas?

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    This may sound too simple, but are you turning the breaker "OFF" before turning it back "ON"? When a breaker trips, it is in a position between the two, and needs to be reset by turning it off first, then on.

    If you're doing that, and it just trips again, there's either a short or an arc fault somewhere in the circuit.
    Just my 2 worth.

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    Wow do I feel stupid, haha. Yea that worked like a charm. Ironically thats how we used to do it too at my old place. Guess its been too long. Thanks!

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    All residential circuit breakers that I'm aware of need to be turned to full off position before you can turn them back on after being tripped. Glad it was easy.
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    There are the old Bulldog/Pushmatic breakers that push on/off instead of 'switching' back & forth.

    Just my 2 worth.


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