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    Hi, I have an RO system hook up and was hoping if you could inform me when or how often I should change out the filters. Should it be changed out whenever the water starts coming out slowly, this should indicate that the filters are getting clogged and need changing or should it be changed at certain intervals like every 6 months. I think I heard from someone say every 6 months but I think that there are other variables involved such as some people use more water than others etc. The RO system is a 6- Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO)/Ultra Violet (UV) System with 100 GPD. Thanks for the help

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    If you are on city water the filters should be changed on an average of once a year, this does not include the RO filter. The RO filter itself should last approximately, 3 years.

    Is your water heavily chlorinated?

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    I don't think it is heavily chlorinated. I probably could use a swimming pool test kit inorder to check the chlorine levels coming out of the ro water faucet. If there is a reading showing presence of chlorine then the filter is done and requires replacement. Thanks

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    Some RO membranes will not tolerate chlorine.


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